09 May

Is it still about Our Girls, Or Its More About Interests

More and more its no longer about the Chibok girls, but about interests

I am feeling sick, very sick. I just deplore that our missing Nigerian daughters, now seem to be just pawns on a big chess board ~ celebrity marketing, organisations positioning for fundraising for girls; Nigerian politicians eyeing the 2015 elections; regional and global politics and security repositioned as a response to Chibok girls.

This commodification of the plight of the African women and children can not go on, really. Am sure there will be a movie out of this, and the royalties and proceeds will never reach the girls and the women,in Chibok; more militarisation will happen and maybe more sophisticated guns and technology for tracking will be bought, when schools have no books. More fundraisers will be held for Chibok and Nigeria girls and the funds may never reach the village.

Our daughters in the meanwhile are in captive, abused and bruised. Waiting for the rescue, waiting and waiting. If they are found and rescued, they will be celebrated and then forgotten. One may write or live to tell the story, but this world will have moved on.

My appeal to all, let it be about the GIRLS.

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