25 Dec

Blessings and Best Wishes for 2016

I have so much to say, yet I have run of words. I am sending this message amidst my celebration of Christmas in 3 continents within 2 days. It’s all about love, family and friendships.

Thank you friends for everything in 2015.  I wish you blessings for 2016. Lets keep the pace.

24 Dec

They Stole My Year and for What?

I feel numb. I feel short changed. Kind of cheated. where did my year go? Three hunded (300) and some days gone by and am sitting here scratching my head. emptiness. I listen carefully, and I hear so many words, too many words everywhere. I try to understand and all I hear are the same words repeated over and over, in various languages, with varied sophistication.

I try to understand what it all means, and they say its awareness-raising, its advocacy, we are engaging in policy dialogue. Too many words, I feel and I hear my voice and my own words. I then realise how my year has vanished, and yes I have memories and fond ones too, of those “sacred spaces”.

For sure I will ask myself, when I arrive in my village, how many of my people have stepped out of the gutters of poverty because of those many words? My school classrooms at Magaya are yet to be finished, the local road has even more portholes, the local shopkeeper Gabhu, closed his little grocery shop for lack of business.

I will simply sit, with sekuru Fabian under that special mango tree by my kitchen, and he will narrate how life has become much tougher in the year. At least its raining, and there is little pasture for your goats and cows, he will sigh. What will I tell him as a rejoinder, that I was so busy sekuru and I brought you the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? He will laugh me out as a joke. I will swallow hard and still try to find meaning to my year gone by!

19 Dec

Going to the Moon Each Month, Without the Appropriate Kit

In 2013, Rozaria Girls Clubs were launched in five rural secondary schools in Murewa, Zimbabwe, namely Magaya, Hurungwe, Chipinda, Kambarami and Chemapango. The topic and range of issues around menstrual hygiene became an immediate hit with the girls. They explored the range of issues from understanding your body, puberty, periods and self-confidence, health and personal care and assertiveness.

“Going to the moon each month  ie kuenda kumwedzi, is special and a burden. We are astronauts without the necessary kits for safe landing”, Tambu stressed the point with clarity. Without sanitary towels its hard for the girls. This situation resulted in irregular school attendance and poor performance of girls in school, as well as lack of self confidence.

This festive season, we are appealing to friends to make it possible and provide kits for safe landing to 500 girls in the five girls clubs in Murewa. This will be a perfect Christmas gift for them as they open schools in January. Many of the girls use old cloths, tissue or newspapers. It was shocking at the International AIDS Conference on AIDS and STIs (ICASA) recently in Harare, when Mai Chief Seke shared that in her area some girls use soft cow dung and leaves. We do not have full information about what trauma these girls are going through, due to poverty and high cost of sanitary towels.

Indeed, through your generous gift, we can make a difference for girls in Murewa. Donate or share widely through this project, https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/menstrual-hygiene-kits-5-rural-schools-in-murewa/. At least we can make some of our astronauts smile in the new year. Through Rozaria Girls Clubs, the project seeks that 500 girls in rural five secondary shave access to menstrual health information, sanitary towels and peer support and mentorship, thereby increase their achievements in education and enhance their self esteem. It provides an opportunity for girls to learn about their bodies and their health.

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