11 Feb

Journeying to #Budalangi

As the plane landed in Kisumu, I held my breathe. It has been long time since I have been to this part of Kenya. The transformation was real, last time I was here more than 15 years ago, the International Airport was on the drawing board.

I felt the unspoken springy feeling in the air. I have just come from Nairobi, where the previous day Raira had been inaugurated People’s President. I had to be careful of what I think or what I say, after all I had just come from the AU Summit where the President of the Republic, Uhuru waKenyatta had just addressed the house.

We were on our way to Budalangi, that place I had longed to visit. Mama H was literally on the tarmac to receive me and my daughter. I mean the tarmac after arrivals, and not the other one before immigration! K540 had arrived on time.

I did not see anything of Kisumu, because I was drowned in the moment of reconnecting with a friend. I recovered, to enjoy my surroundings, when we were at Maseno University. I thought former MP Hon Christine Mango! That aunt of ours. Many years back she kept on insisting I have to properly visit Western Kenya., and in a good way. “I mean properly and not those kind of workshop attendance kind of visits, where you people think you know our place after attending a 3 hour meeting in a hotel room, and you become an expert of our village. Come properly…” I could hear her voice again, in my mind. Now I have come tete.

The road was good, and I understand it was built during the election season…The only barrier to our cruising drive, thoughts and chatter was the huge HUMPS in the middle of the road. Our small car was too low, and at one point, me and Mama H had to get out, walk past the hump, and relieve the back seat of some weight…The little car could breath again, and neatly navigate the hump

By the time we arrived at the house built in 1945, where Bwana Okondo was born, I was so alert and ready for an evening marathon of catching up.. The word gossip does not exist in my vocabulary. We covered ground, both in talking and eating that evening. Chakasara chine mudzimu wacho!

I miss #Budalangi already.

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