15 Oct

Picking the Pieces: Surviving Rape @14

She sat on the same seat she was more than a month ago. Gogo, I have come to show you the baby, she said as she unwrapped the two month old cutie, a product of rape. She is 14.

“I am happy to have been in that meeting with other young moms last week but one. I have decided to do ZABEC, which the headmaster told us that day. Actually, I did not come to just show you the baby. I wanted to tell you that I decided to come back to school and write my grade 7 next year. I also came to tell you gogo that the man who did this to me was finally arrested. He is at the police until i do not know when” she was breathless with emotion.

We looked at each other with that smile. She trusts me. She walked more than 7kms to come and share with me the triple good news. I prayed for wisdom, courage and discernment.

We ate mutakura, maize and lentils mixed. We said our goodbyes and she left me with this Alleluia feeling.

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