About Our Fire-Place

Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda

Welcome to Our  Fire-place. It’s a herstorical space, that connects me with my roots, experiences, views, dreams and my causes.

This blog is my real “fire-place”, a special place which moulded my life. It was at the fire-place that I learnt to be a social being, a cook, a story teller, a listener, a host and a friend. At the fireplace, we received the tips about life and giggled long into the night with my sisters. I did homework and prepared for exams by the fire,  with the dim light of the paraffin lamp. The fireplace moulded me and my passion for rights, justice and dignity for all.

Before the fire went down, the plans were laid out for the following day, and each went to bed knowing that another day will dawn and one has to work with their hands, use their mind in weaving possibilities for another day. We huddled by the fire-place, in those cold winter days, when we had to say the prayers and give each other comfort in moments of pain and strife.

I invite you to Our Fire-place, a place we can reflect together, engage and create life. This is an honest space for dialogue, a place for creativity. It is a place where I seek to give value and recognition, to the very extraordinary and often invisible community experiences in our lives. I invite you to this safe, heart-warming space, where we can challenge the norm, speak truth to power and shape a new narrative in our lifetime.

This fire-place is our place, together.


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